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Explore detailed onboarding support for your Lexus Multimedia Device including navigation instructions, Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®.

Lexus Navigation System

We have created these helpful how to videos designed to help you use your Lexus Multimedia Device.



Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® are available on all new Lexus models and can be accessed and controlled from your connected smartphone through Siri or Google Assistant voice control. This enables you to interact with your phone without needing to take your eyes off of the road.

The features can also be accessed through the Touchscreen/pad system in your Lexus vehicle.


Activate the maps function and your Lexus vehicle will guide you to your destination through the integrated dashboard display.

Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® are compatible with other third-party maps applications, such as Google Maps, so you can navigate with the app that best suits your taste and needs.


The Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto® phone sections give you the ability to access you contacts book, make voice dials, and see your call history.

Through the use of Siri and the Google Assistant, you are now able to send and receive text messages whilst driving. Simply tell Siri or Google Assistant what you would like to do – whether it’s to send, reply or read a message. The system will read out your messages and WhatsApp's allowing you to concentrate on driving. The system will also dictate messages through voice recognition.


Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® give you access to all of your favourite music from compatible apps you have on your phone such as Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and more. You can access your music through the multimedia screen or by asking Siri / Google Assistant to play the song / playlist you want to listen to.


Access a multitude of apps compatible with Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto® audio, messages, maps, voice, such as

  • Whatsapp®
  • Spotify®
  • Google Maps™
  • Google Play Music®
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • News
  • Weather


If you own a NX, UX or ES we have good news: some grades can now add an upgrade to the multimedia system to enable Apple Carplay™ and Android Auto™. Please contact your nearest Lexus retailer to find out if your vehicle is suitable.


If you have any questions about your vehicle's Bluetooth technology, please explore our FAQs below or contact your local Lexus Centre.

Bluetooth is the wireless exchange of data over short distances. It uses a specific radio frequency to transmit data through a short-range network. Bluetooth connectivity is a secure way to exchange data and can be found in everything from mobile phones to digital cameras.

  1. Begin by enabling Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  2. In your Lexus, and with your feet off the pedals and the gearlever in ‘PARK’, press the ‘POWER’ button once to switch on the audio and multimedia system
  3. When the system is active, press the ‘MENU’ button on the centre console to bring up the menu display.
  4. Using the Remote Touch controller, select ‘SETUP’ > ‘BLUETOOTH’ > ‘ADD DEVICE’ and select your device from the available list.
  5. On your device, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration. You may be asked to enter a code to confirm your phone’s identity, or it may connect automatically.
  6. With your device registered, return to the ‘BLUETOOTH’ setup menu and choose to connect it as a phone, an audio player, or both.
  7. Once your device has been paired with the Lexus NX, it will automatically be recognised by your car – simply switch on Bluetooth on your device to establish the connection.
  8. With a smartphone connected, calls can be made easily and in safety, and you can also stream audio content from a phone or tablet by accessing the ‘AUDIO’ menu of the onboard multimedia system.

If you’re still having difficulty, check the following details before contacting your local Lexus Retailer for further support.

  1. Check that your phone is compatible with Lexus Bluetooth through the method outlined above.
  2. Check that the phone or vehicle is not detecting another device. Select ‘Settings’ then ‘Bluetooth’ then ‘Add phone’ in order to ensure that your vehicle recognises both as trusted devices.
  3. Remove one of the devices temporarily if it is unable to detect both devices.
  • Onboarding support

    • Pair your phone via Bluetooth
    • Set up Wi-Fi connectivity for internet data

    • Enter a new destination
    • Add a stopover to your route
    • Use "One Shot" Destination Entry
    • Pause or Stop route distance
    • Add a "favourite" address
    • Set auto-navigation
    • Use Online Traffic Information
    • Customise the split screen
    • Search for a POI (Point of Interest)

    • Set favourite radio stations
    • Change audio source

    • Receive an SMS/MMS
    • Send an SMS
    • Receive an email
    • Reply to an email with a quick message
    • Set full screen mode for SMS/MMS
    • Reply to an SMS/MMS with a quick message
    • Set full screen mode for email


Driving a Lexus has never felt better, and with Lexus Link Connected Services the experience becomes even smoother, so you're always comfortable and in control, no matter where your drive takes you.


  • Lexus Link Multimedia includes several navigation online services, providing useful real-time information, like traffic info and speed cam alerts.

    These features require the internet to function. You need to connect your mobile device (using wi-fi or Bluetooth tethering) or any wi-fi device/network to the car.

    Every new Lexus comes with 3 years of free map updates for the navigation system, as well as other services like:

    • Real-Time Traffic
    • Coyote (where available) or Cyclops
    • Google Streetview (where available)
    • Point of Interest
    • Fuel
    • Parking
    • Weather

    Lexus Link Multimedia also includes smartphone integration. This allows you to connect your smartphone (compatible with iOS & Android) to your car. Your favourite apps, like Spotify, Whatsapp, Audible, Google Maps and Waze, can be used in your car, and controlled via Siri Voice Assist or OK Google.

    Some models are compatible with Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

    Embedded navigation systems receive data from a GPS satellite signal. Lexus Link Multimedia requires an online connection to receive necessary data for Real-Time Traffic, Coyote (where available), Google Streetview (where available), Weather, Fuel, and Parking, and online POI.

    All Lexus models currently on sale include online navigation services.
    Smartphone integration is available on certain current generation models of RC, ES, UX, NX and RX. Check with your retailer to see if smartphone integration is available.

    The first 3 years of Lexus Link Multimedia navigation online services are free. After that, you can purchase a subscription. Our map care package includes all of our map updates and related online services, and our service pack includes our online services features. You can purchase a subscription in our e-Store. Check the e-Store for the latest prices.

    You will get a notification on the screen of your in-car multimedia system 30 days before the free 3-year period ends.

    In the e-Store, you can renew the Map Care pack for either 1, or 3 years. When renewing our Service Pack, you can choose between 1, 2 or 3 years. Check the e-Store for prices.

    You can access the e-Store through the multimedia system of your car or in the My Lexus Portal.

    In the customer portal e-Store, accessed from the My Lexus Portal, you can purchase the services offered by Lexus Link Multimedia. You can also check the status of your current subscriptions in the e-Store. On the e-Store go to the ‘Purchased’ tab to see which subscriptions are active, and the time remaining on them.

    If you access the e-Store application from your car multimedia system you can download services like Coyote (previously bought on the portal). You can find the e-Store by going to the ‘Menu’ section, then going to apps, and choosing ‘In Car’.

    You can purchase services from the My Lexus Customer Portal. To find out which services you already have, click on ‘Purchased’.

    You can use it right away, you’ll just need to tether Bluetooth to enable navigation online connected services. However, we recommend that you enter your Lexus Link / My Lexus credentials to link the multimedia to your account. You will then be able to purchase services or Map Care from the portal and use Share to Car from the Lexus Link App.

    The same account is used for both Lexus Link App and My Lexus Portal. If you don’t have one, we recommend you download the app and create one from there.

    You can also create an account via the multimedia (you will need to accept the terms of use within 14 days in the My Lexus Portal).

    You can activate it through the multimedia system of your car. Please note that your car has to be connected to the internet, either by Bluetooth tethering, wi-fi tethering or even by using the wi-fi from your home (if your car is parked within range of it), as the services offered by Lexus Link Multimedia are internet-based.

    Once connected the 3 free years of navigation online connected services will begin. If you don’t follow this process you will not be able to enjoy those services.

  • Not all new Lexus cars are compatible with wi-fi tethering, but all new models are Bluetooth tethering compatible.

    Go to the menu of your multimedia system and press ‘Setup’, then ‘wi-fi’ and ‘Turn wi-fi power on’. Select your network, enter the password and select ‘OK’. When successful you will get a message telling you that the navigation system has successfully connected with the hotspot.

    Go to the menu of your multimedia system and choose ‘Settings’. Then select ‘Bluetooth connection’ and follow the steps to set up the network connection. Then on your smartphone, you need to enable Bluetooth tethering.

    Go to the menu of your multimedia system and go to the e-Store’s ‘In Car' section (you need an online connection and have to be logged in). Select the Coyote app and choose ‘install’. A pop-up will appear when Coyote is installed. When opening it, select ‘OK’ to start it automatically. Coyote will now always appear as available under ‘apps’.

    Please note that Coyote can only be used after you’ve driven 200 km in your car.

    Apple CarPlay can be activated by plugging your iOS device into the car’s USB port. In the infotainment unit, click on the ‘menu’ button, and then click on ‘Car Play’.

    Android auto can be activated by first downloading the Android Auto app. Then plug your Android device into the car’s USB port. In the infotainment unit, click on the ‘menu’ button, and then click on ‘Android Auto’.

    Yes, provided you have an online connection with your smartphone. You'll also need a cable to plug your smartphone into your car. If you have an Android phone, you will need to install the Android Auto app. The apps will then be available through the ‘Android Auto/ Apple Car Play’ menu on the infotainment screen. Waze is not working for Android Auto if your car has a touchpad.

    The new Lexus RC, ES, UX, NX and RX (certain grades) offer smartphone integration.

    With the Share to Car feature, you can prepare for your journey in advance by searching for directions on your mobile device, and then sending them to your car. You’ll need a car with in-car navigation features, and a Lexus Link account with your car registered to your account.

    To enable this feature, you’ll need to link your car to your Lexus Link account.

    You can do this in one of two ways:

    • In your car, with Bluetooth or wi-fi tethering active, click on ‘Set-Up’ in multimedia. Go to the 'Online' tab, and choose ‘Lexus online’, and then ‘Existing account’. Enter your Lexus Link credentials. You then need to go to the Lexus Link customer portal. You’ll have received the message ‘we found a new device ID’. Confirm, and you’re all set up.
    • You can also enable the Share to Car feature directly in the app, by going to the car menu, choosing the wheels icon, go to 'Settings', and then in the ‘Car' tab choose the register a multimedia device option. Follow the instructions in your app and note that you’ll have to be in your car to finalize the pairing process.

    Over-the-air map updates are possible with the latest 2019 multimedia systems, activated in the e-Store for the latest compatible models.

    You can also manually update your system by downloading updates from the My Lexus Portal e-Store, and putting them on a USB stick, and connecting it to your car.

    You can use the Share to Car feature in the Lexus Link App to plan your route. First, go to the ‘Services’ tab, choose ‘Share to Car’, click on where to, enter the address, and from you can program a trip with up to 9 stops and a final destination by clicking on the ‘+’ button. Then press ‘send to car’.

    Once in your car, make sure you have a wi-fi connection. The easiest method is to tether Bluetooth to your smartphone. Once an internet connection is established in your car can download the journey. Go to favourite destinations in the multimedia unit, and you will find your pre-planned journey.

    For the new RC, ES, UX, NX and RX the journey can be found under the favourite menu.

    Your 3 year term starts when you put your Lexus Link credentials into the infotainment unit.

    You will get a notification on the screen of your in-car multimedia 30 days before the free 3 year period ends every week. 15 days before the free 3 year period ends you'll receive the same message every day. After your 3 year period has ended, a message will be shown each time you try to use the app.