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Our design approach is defined by the L-Finesse design language. What does this mean? We bring you the latest design and technology, and strive for precision with everything we create.

Our design approach is defined by the L-Finesse design language. What does this mean? We bring you the latest design and technology, and strive for precision with everything we create.



Underpinning this principle, three core values inspire and govern every aesthetic decision we make.

Seamless Anticipation

True to the concept of Omotenashi – the Japanese spirit of hospitality – we do more than simply meet needs and desires of drivers. We anticipate them, seamlessly, so you can experience amazing.

Incisive Simplicity

Everything we create must be an intuitive pleasure to use and behold. Any excessive complexity must be stripped away so we can provoke honest, undiluted emotion in the driving experience.

Intriguing Elegance

All our vehicles have the power to catch the eye and turn heads. But they also capture and hold attention. The more you look, the more you’re drawn in. It’s no wonder our designers speak of 'visual journeys’.


Our spindle grille is an instantly recognisable Lexus design signature. It’s a bold statement that can’t be missed. Its iconography endures, while it receives subtly different treatments over time, and across our range.


Our L-shaped lights play in harmony with our spindle grille, creating an imposing presence. At the front and rear of every vehicle, our name is evoked. Always evolving, the lights are shaped by technological advances, as well as stylistic development.


To be brave, you must stand for something. When it comes to design and styling, we do what we believe is right, always putting creative excellence and aesthetic precision first.

Design with an opinion

Lexus design is deliberately daring and provocative. Freedom of thought and expression are of the utmost importance to us. We're relentlessly exploring and pursuing new ideas. We begin with brave concepts – those that are truly original, bold and highly conceptual - which we translate into visionary vehicle design, imaginative in every aspect.


For us, brave design is about confidence. Willingness to stake a claim and stand apart from the rest. We know who we are, and we never fail to do what we believe in.

Why? Because brave design choices forge incredible experiences. The amazing things which genuinely move us don’t originate from the familiar and the similar. They’re born of courageous contradictions. When you embrace paradoxes and polarity, you reach something truly cutting-edge.

A global point of view

Diverse perspectives, different cultures and fresh locales fuel Lexus design. We’re proud to have three design centres in unique corners of the world. Working both independently and together, they encourage radical thinking and endless experimentation. Out of these beacons of excellence, iconic cars emerge.


The RX SUV. The LC sports coupé. And the LS flagship sedan. What do these impressive models have in common? They were all imagined and brought to life within the walls of Lexus’s Aichi Prefecture Design Studio. The space optimises and nurtures the entire design process, from rough sketches to 3D renderings and near-completion prototypes.

On the top floor, you’ll find an examination hall like no other. Thanks to a 200-tonne retractable roof, new models are viewed secretly, in broad daylight. While on the third floor, you’ll witness a full-scale theatre and virtual reality cubicle. And on the ground floor lies a photography studio. This is where legends are born.


Lexus’s dedicated European design centre is located in Sophia Antipolis, just moments from the azure gleam of the Mediterranean Sea. The Alps are in sight, with Nice and Cannes each a short drive away. It’s the ultimate spot to inspire innovative design.

ED2 - European Design Development - is the 6,000-square-meter purpose-built home of Lexus’s European design team. The designers and modellers work in collaboration with those at the Aichi Prefecture design studio in Japan. Here, some of the world’s finest concept cars come to life.


The Californian outpost of Lexus’s global design operation is named CALTY Design Research. And the name matters. As CALTY’s president Kevin Hunter puts it, “We’re not just a styling studio. We do a lot of research too and we’re proud of it; that’s why it’s still part of the studio’s full title.”

The Newport Beach-based studio has been a hotbed of creativity for Lexus almost as long as we've existed. Its team masterminded the initial concepts for the sleek LC 500 and RX – two of Lexus’s most ground breaking production models.