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We offer bespoke service designed to take care of you and your Lexus.


Our team of trained technicians and service specialists will provide an exceptional level of service to ensure your Lexus keeps performing at its best. Simply enter your registration and see the cost of your Lexus service at https://www.lexusservice.ie//

  • It’s the years of mechanical experience and hours of technical training that make our Lexus Technicians so skilled, as well as their dedication to Lexus and their deep understanding of each model in the range. With regular engineering and technology briefings, you can be sure that the knowledge of our technicians is always up-to-date and unrivaled.

    Lexus parts are designed and produced with the same attention to detail as our cars, tried and tested by our Lexus Technicians every day. Your Lexus Retailer has the vehicle diagnostic equipment and tools specifically designed for your Lexus.

    The right car diagnostic tools are critical in getting you back on the road as soon as possible. A diagnostic test provides a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle, and confirms the source of any problems. With genuine software updates using Lexus diagnostic tools, you can be assured of the most efficient service and optimum vehicle health.

    From a brand new Lexus, to a used Lexus beyond 100,000km, services include inspection items, adjustments and replacement of lubricants and filters that are specific to your car's age and mileage.

    The Lexus Visual Safety Check is an inspection carried out by a Lexus technician who checks all key components on your Lexus. This includes tyres, steering, brakes, lights, bodywork, exhaust and fluid levels. Upon completion, you’ll receive a visual safety check report highlighting any urgent work needed and be advised on any work that may be required in the near future. You can book your free Visual Safety Check any time at your local Lexus dealer.

    Hybrid Health Check is included in all services. This comprehensive inspection involves a skilled technician testing your entire Hybrid system and providing you with a detailed written report, so you're aware of the reasons behind any required maintenance.