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Lexus vehicle owners get a 12-month warranty when servicing their vehicle within the Lexus network

  • Available on all Lexus vehicles whether purchased from a Lexus Dealer or elsewhere
  • Available on vehicles up to 10 years old or 185,000 kilometres
  • Lexus Relax is transferable to a new owner if the vehicle is sold while the warranty cover is still in place

Lexus are delighted to launch Lexus Relax, a unique ‘service activated’ warranty which brings a whole new level of peace of mind to Lexus vehicle owners. Any Lexus owner who services their vehicle within the Lexus network automatically receives a 12-month warranty.

Lexus Relax is available to anyone who owns a Lexus vehicle up to 10 years old (or which has covered up to 185,000 kms on the odometer), regardless of whether they purchased it at a Lexus dealership or not. Every time the vehicle is serviced within the Lexus network a new additional 12-month warranty is triggered up until the vehicle is 10 years of age or has completed 185,000 kms.

Building upon Lexus award winning reputation for quality, durability and reliability, Relax is yet another example of Lexus commitment to its customers and its ongoing focus on providing an excellent ownership experience, well beyond the initial vehicle purchase.

Ian Corbett, Head of Lexus Ireland said:

We are delighted to be able to offer this exceptional 12-month warranty to our service customers. With Lexus Relax, all Lexus drivers who use our network for their servicing needs can relax in the knowledge that they have another year’s peace of mind as their car is covered with a warranty. And they can enjoy this peace of mind year after year as each service triggers an additional 12-month warranty.

“Typically, ‘special offers’ from car companies are full of very limiting exclusions and eligibility criteria, but Lexus Relax is different. For example, all Lexus used car imports from the UK and Europe are eligible for Lexus Relax, and you don’t have to be an existing Lexus customer to avail of the additional warranty.”

For more information and full terms and conditions interested drivers can contact their local Lexus dealer or visit: www.lexus.ie/relax