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  2. LBX Madrid Event Wrap Up


Did you hear about our Madrid event that transformed ordinary shipping containers into extraordinary artistic spaces? Discover how The Extraordinary Street Gallery reflected the artistic spirit of the LBX.


Our third LBX City Event, The Extraordinary Street Gallery, took place in Madrid, Spain from 26th - 28th October.

Held in the city’s famous square, Plaza de Colón, the spot was filled with shipping containers displaying captivating art instalments inside. Mirroring its modern beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, the event captured the extraordinary essence of the Lexus LBX.

An engaging and exhilarating space peppered with interesting concepts, senses were truly treated at The Extraordinary Street Gallery:

  • Space 1: Everyday Extraordinary - Superior Technician in illustration, Lidia Cao, showcased her signature colour palettes and mural work
  • Space 2: Immersive Experiences - Guests enjoyed a visual feast in the form of a beautiful light instalment featuring multi-coloured bulbs lit in a variety of patterns
  • Space 3: Unexpected - Providing photo opportunities for guests with a suite of intriguing backdrops inside the containers, light changed to create different ambiences and moods
  • Space 4: Omotenashi Area - Reflecting the hospitable Japanese concept of omotenashi that sits at the core of Lexus, Interior Designer, Fabián Ñíguez, welcomed guests into sophisticated interiors with a touch of the unexpected


See the beautiful instalments and intriguing artwork of The Extraordinary Street Gallery below.