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The Approved Pre-Owned Programme from Lexus nationwide dealers.

NX 300h


CO2 emissions, combined (g/km) from 145
Combined (l/100km) 5.0
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 9.3
Maximum speed (km/h) 180

FROM €45,250.00


Introducing the new NX 300h, a totally new kind of Lexus.

With its wide stance, bold Lexus ‘Spindle Grille’ and exquisitely sculpted angles, the NX 300h refuses to go unnoticed. Powered by our latest Full Hybrid drivetrain, this breakthrough Lexus delivers smooth and agile handling, combined with incredible environmental performance.

Inside the beautifully finished interior you’ll discover intuitive technology that makes your life simpler. The NX 300h range starts from €45,250.



Driving the NX 300h - The Highlights


The distinctive NX 300h displays a wide stance, bold Lexus ‚spindle grille’ and exquisite LED lights front and rear. As much modern art as car, the NX 300h refuses to go unnoticed. To create its sharp yet fluid lines, Lexus designers drew inspiration from the intricate beauty of molten metal. Approach the NX and the door handles light up to greet you, while a further statement is made by the dynamic side ‘kick-up’ line and coupé-like silhouette. To the front, LED triple-projector headlights and arrowhead daytime running lights depict the unmistakable Lexus aura. To the rear, gem-like LED taillights project our ‘L’ emblem, underscoring the crossover’s powerful shape.

The NX 300h delivers 197 DIN hp of super smooth power. Amazingly, the combined CO2 emissions of this powerful crossover are just 116 g/km* and fuel consumption is 5.0 l/100 km*.

* For the NX 300h FWD Eco grade.

Inside the NX 300h - The Highlights


Seated well above most other traffic, you’ll enjoy a great view of the city, relaxing in the NX 300h’s beautifully finished leather seats. Enhancing cabin freshness in all weather conditions, S-Flow air conditioning only controls the climate of the seats that are occupied, while in ECO mode electric seat heaters warm you more efficiently on cold mornings. For easy manoeuvring, the Panoramic View Monitor provides images from four discreet cameras. These are located on the front grille, door mirrors (the cameras even work when the mirrors are folded in) and tailgate – with on-screen digital guides for trouble-free driving in a confined urban environment.

With the NX 300h, you have the option to specify the very latest multimedia technology. This features Lexus Premium Navigation and Lexus Connected Services like Google Street View® . It can even help you calculate the most ecological route.

Safety in the NX 300h - The Highlights


The NX 300h is engineered to reduce driver fatigue. An extra-wide colour Head-Up Display projected on the windscreen helps you concentrate on the road ahead; Lane Keeping Assist stops you drifting out of lane and Automatic High Beam switches to low beam when required. To help avoid danger, Pre-Crash Safety uses millimetre-wave radar technology to detect objects ahead – applying the brakes and tightening seatbelts if appropriate. Finally, should you ever be involved in a collision, you and your passengers are protected by a strong safety cell and eight airbags.

Drive Mode Select


In a crossover that’s fun to drive, and agile in the city, Drive Mode Select lets you fine-tune the performance of the NX 300h to suit your mood, with modes ranging from ECO to SPORT S+*. In heavy traffic you can switch to EV (Electric Vehicle) mode for zero emissions progress. A strong chassis and optional Adaptive Variable Suspension ensure smooth and precise handling, while E-FOUR All-Wheel Drive delivers extra confidence in slippery conditions.

* Sports S+ & Adaptive Variable Suspension are available as part of Sports Driving Pack.

Lexus Craftsmanship


With its ‘shimamoku’ hand-finished wood inserts and beautifully stitched leatherwork, the NX 300h resets benchmarks for this kind of crossover. Manufactured at our Kyushu plant in dust-free clean room conditions, paint shop employees go through two vacuum chambers to remove particles from their special suits and hair. A water screen – nicknamed Niagara – reduces dust even further. Gleaming paintwork is produced by hand sanding each foundation coat (a time-consuming process normally reserved for coach-built cars). Finally, before delivery, every NX crossover undergoes a 30 km test drive.

EURO NCAP – 5 Star Rating


The Lexus NX 300h has been awarded the prestigious Euro NCAP five-star rating and is amongst the very safest vehicles in its segment.

The programme is composed of four areas - Adult Occupant, Child Occupant, Pedestrian Protection and, since 2009, Safety Assist. The latter includes injury avoidance and mitigating functions, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, Electronic Stability Control and a speed limiter.

The Lexus NX 300h scored 82% for Adult Occupant, 82% for Child Occupant, 69% for Pedestrian Protection and 71% for Safety Assist.

Colour Head-up Display


Vehicle data is projected in colour directly onto the windscreen. This extra-wide 6.2" Head-Up Display lets you check data like navigation commands or audio settings without taking your eyes of the road ahead.

Interior Comfort


Sumptuous front seats make use of the ‘integrated foaming’ production process, first introduced on F SPORT models. This motorsport-inspired technology allows greater comfort and lateral support than is possible with conventional upholstery methods.

In addition to excellent front and rear legroom, both front seats are electrically adjustable in eight directions for even more comfort, while lumbar support and memory settings are available.

Seat cushion shape and firmness have been optimised to reduce pressure on the sensitive ischial region. For extra comfort, long reach seat adjustments also accommodate larger European physiques.

A practical 60:40 split folding rear seat comes standard on ll NX 300h models, which allows easy stowage of larger items like a racing bike or surfboard. With all rear seats folded down there is room to carry bulky objects.

You can also upgrade to a fully electric folding mechanism, which is operated via a number of conveniently located controls. And rear seat passengers can also partially recline their backrests for added comfort.

Passenger Safety Cell / 8 Airbags


In addition to an immensely strong passenger safety cell, occupant security is provided by eight airbags. The driver and front passenger are protected by 2-stage head airbags, as well as knee and side airbags. Curtain shield airbags run the full length of both cabin sides. All seatbelts, except for the centre rear seat, are also specified with pre-tensioners. This exceptional level of safety protection is provided as standard in the NX 300h.

The front seats are designed to minimise whiplash inducing neck motion in a rear impact. Reinforced seat frames allow the torso to sink into the seatback, while the placement of the headrest supports the head more effectively.

Driving Performance


To ensure precise and enjoyable performance on all types of road, the NX 300h was first tested and refined in the world’s most advanced driving simulator and then driven over many hundreds of thousands of kilometres in the toughest Arctic and desert conditions.

With its chassis, suspension and steering, the NX 300h is incredibly smooth and refined to drive. Advanced laser screw welding and adhesive bonding techniques make the NX 300h extremely rigid. This has produced a crossover of great strength, which rewards drivers with refined handling characteristics. Equipped with compact MacPherson strut front suspension and sophisticated double wishbone rear suspension, the NX delivers outstanding road holding, sedan-like cornering characteristics and superb straight-line stability. For a more engaging drive, optional Adaptive Variable Suspension intelligently controls the damping force on all four wheels. This not only improves ride comfort, but also increases handling stability.

Advanced Technology


Approach the NX 300h with the key in your pocket and all four door handles gently illuminate to greet you, unlocking when touched. Beautifully sculpted, they have no keyhole, a world-first for this kind of door handle.

Inside the NX 300h you’ll discover intuitive technology that makes your life simpler: an intelligent overhead lamp that senses your finger tip so you don’t search in the dark, and a tailgate that remembers how far you usually open it. Beautifully finished by ‘Takumi’ master craftspeople, the interior features a ‘spindle grille’ inspired centre console, while an analogue timepiece and ambient lighting enhance refinement. Extremely comfortable, the 8-way powered front leather seats can be heated or ventilated, and the 60:40 rear seats fold electrically to make room for skis or surfboards.

Pre-Crash Safety / Adaptive Cruise Control


Pre-Crash Safety: Millimetre-wave radar and an on-board computer calculate collision risk ahead. If the risk is high, the driver is alerted by audible and visual warnings and brake pressure is increased. When a collision is deemed unavoidable, the brakes will be applied automatically as necessary and the front seatbelts tightened.

To help reduce driver fatigue, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) maintains a set distance between the NX 300h and the vehicle ahead, even if that vehicle varies its speed or comes to a complete stop. Once the road is clear, ACC automatically returns to the originally specified cruising speed.

Panoramic View Monitor


For easier driving in confined spaces, four cameras provide a near-360° view around the entire vehicle. A Lexus first, Panoramic View Monitor also creates a virtual 3D view of your NX, with onscreen guides to assist close-quarter manoeuvring in the city.

S-Flow Climate Control


Powerful, dual-zone air conditioning is also highly energy efficient thanks to S-Flow which intelligently provides climate control only to occupied seats.

In combination with leather upholstery, the driver and front passenger can heat or ventilate their seats. This adds to the sense of luxury, especially in extreme weather conditions.

For added comfort in colder conditions, the steering wheel can be heated on higher grades. The steering wheel heater is activated by switch and turns off automatically after a pre-set time.

Lane Keeping Assist


Lane Keeping Assist: This innovative technology helps prevent the driver from inadvertently drifting out of lane, by way of a warning and the automatic application of a brief corrective steering force.

At night, Automatic High Beam uses a camera mounted behind the rear-view mirror to automatically switch to low beam when it detects the lights of either an oncoming or preceding vehicle. This reduces the chance of accidentally dazzling other drivers should you forget to switch off the high beam headlights.

Lexus Hybrid Drive


Equipped with our latest Lexus Hybrid Drive – that seamlessly orchestrates power from a 2.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor(s) – the NX 300h is incredibly smooth and quiet, yet is as easy to drive as a conventional luxury car. Delivering lively performance, it consumes a mere 5.0 l/100 km* of fuel, which is amazing for a crossover of this size. Regenerative braking means no battery recharging is required and, thanks to our leadership in hybrid technology, the NX 300h will have very low running costs.

* For the NX 300h FWD Eco grade.


When starting off, the powerful front and rear electric motors can swiftly propel the NX 300h up to 65 km/h, with electric power supplied by the hybrid battery. At this point the vehicle is almost silent, uses no petrol and produces zero emissions.


At speeds above 65 km/h the ultra-smooth Atkinson Cycle petrol engine cuts in, almost silently, while still receiving assistance from the electric motors when required. Through the near perfect distribution of its petrol and electric power sources, the NX 300h provides extraordinary driving enjoyment – together with low emissions and modest fuel consumption.


Accelerate powerfully and the combined power of the electric motors instantaneously supplements the 2.5-litre petrol engine. Together they deliver a potent surge of torque to provide breathtakingly fast linear acceleration precisely when you need it.


When decelerating or coming to a halt, the petrol engine turns off, cutting emissions to zero. Brake, or take your foot off the accelerator, and regenerative braking harnesses the kinetic energy lost in other cars. It converts this into electrical energy for storage in the hybrid battery, which is one reason why you never need to recharge a Lexus Full Hybrid.

Mark Levinson® Premium Audio


The 14-speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround system with GreenEdge™ technology is tailored to the acoustic properties of the NX 300h. It delivers a peerless 7.1-channel digital home-theatre experience enhanced by Clari-Fi™ that rebuilds sound lost in MP3 digital compression.

Jewel-Like Triple L LED Headlights


Jewel-like, triple ‘L’ LED headlights use the same light source for high and low beam. Specified exclusively on F SPORT and Luxury models, the NX’s impressive aura is enhanced by L-shaped thick-wall full LED DRL.

The rear light cluster combines elegant LEDs arranged in Lexus signature ‘L’ form, with no visible gap for the tailgate. Thick-wall moulding technology gives a crystal appearance, and a strikingly bold presence when not illuminated.

LED front fog lights – with an innovative cornering light function – juxtapose with the spindle grille and LED daytime running lights. They also help reduce overall energy consumption NX 300h.



On NX 300h All-Wheel Drive models, E-FOUR delivers seamless performance and confident traction over rougher terrain. The innovative E-FOUR drivetrain features the addition of a 68 DIN hp electric motor mounted on the rear axle, which delivers instant torque on demand.

Touch Pad


No matter how busy your life, you’ll stay informed and up-to-date in the NX 300h. With innovative technologies like the wireless charger, that tops up your mobile’s battery when placed in the console box. Or the intuitive Touch Pad that provides seamless access to Lexus Premium Navigation and Connected Services. The latter has features like Online Search, Google Street View®, Panoramio® or Connected Traffic. Alternatively, simply wind down listening to your favourite music on the peerless Mark Levinson® Premium Surround system.

Traction Control


Traction Control increases the NX 300h’s ability to grip, especially when starting off or accelerating on uneven or slippery surfaces. Corrective measures are applied the moment the risk of wheel-spin is detected, thereby maintaining traction.

Vehicle Stability Control helps prevent the loss of vehicle control, particularly when cornering quickly or at the onset of a skid. Stability is improved and vehicle speed lessened by the selective application of brakes and, or, power reduction.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert


When reversing, for instance in a busy car park, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) function use the Blind Spot Monitor radar to detect vehicles approaching the difficult-to-see area behind the vehicle. When a vehicle is detected, the RCTA function alerts you with a visual display in the door mirrors and a buzzer.

Welcome Illumination


As you approach the NX with the key in your pocket or bag, ambient and puddle lights illuminate to welcome you, and help you avoid obstacles in the dark.

18" Alloy Wheels


Standard on Comfort, Business and Executive grades, this intricate u-shaped spoke design creates a sharp and radical profile, while 225/60 R18 tyres complete the bold sports look.

Led Rear Lights


The rear light cluster combines elegant LEDs arranged in Lexus signature ‘L’ form, with no visible gap for the tailgate. Thick-wall moulding technology gives a crystal appearance, and a strikingly bold presence when not illuminated.



This highly efficient new twin scroll turbocharger has been engineered to produce high torque right through the rev range. The shape of the turbine blades has been optimised, and the friction in the bearing mechanism reduced, creating a compact high-efficiency turbocharger with incredibly responsive performance.


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nx 300h fsport


The NX 300h F SPORT combines bold design with exclusively tuned handling developed by the team responsible for producing the iconic LFA supercar and F Performance models, the RC F and GS F. The result will send your pulse racing. Exterior enhancements include a larger Lexus signature spindle grille with ‘L-mesh’ inserts, brake cooling ducts and aerodynamic fins for increased downforce.

Inside the sports focussed cockpit you’ll be perfectly connected to your F SPORT. The hand-sewn sports seats embrace from hip to shoulder. Meanwhile the ergonomic sports steering wheel and machined aluminium pedals deliver remarkable feel, so you can revel in the road ahead.



Drive a brand new NX 300h from €405 per month with Lexus Connect. Lexus Connect is a new convenient, low risk method to finance the Lexus you want to drive today.

Lexus Connect Sectionimg

You choose the Lexus you desire and we give it a guaranteed future value at the end of your agreement, giving you valuable protection against fluctuations in the car market. This Guaranteed Future Value is deducted from the selling price so all you have to do is take care of the difference plus the cost of borrowing.

Suitable for both business users and private individuals, Lexus Connect offers a number of advantages including fixed affordable payments, an accessible deposit and 3 flexible choices at the end of your agreement.


Drive a brand new NX 300h from €411 per month with Lexus Connect.

Representative Example
Model NX 300h Eco
Term 37 months
Monthly Amount €411
On the Road Price €46,050.00
Less Deposit €16,578.00
Finance Amount €29,472.00
APR 5.9%
Minimum Guaranteed Future Value†† €18,880.50
Total Cost of Finance €4,296.43

You could think of your Lexus as being split into 3 separate parts:


Agree an amount to suit you. This can be as little as 7% up to as much as 36% of the price of your Lexus.


We set a minimum Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV††) for your car. This guarantees how much your vehicle will be worth with Lexus Dealers in the future. Along with the deposit, this amount is deducted from the cash price.


Your monthly payments are then calculated on the difference, plus interest charges, which means they will often be more affordable than a standard Hire Purchase agreement or Personal Loan.

At the end of the term, you have 3 options as outlined below;

1. Keep: If you want to keep the car, simply pay the GFV†† and it's yours.
2. Upgrade: Part-exchange your car and drive away in a brand-new Lexus. if the trade in value is more than the GFV††, you can put the equity towards your next car.
3. Return: Give the car back to us with nothing more to pay*, as long as it's in good condition and within the maximum mileage.

††Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) is the minimum value of your new Lexus at the end of your finance contract, as determined by Lexus Ireland, Bank of Ireland Finance and your Lexus Dealer. If you decide to return your car to your Lexus Dealer at the end of your term, they will pay you the Guaranteed Future Value (subject to Fair Wear and Tear and agreed kilometres requirements being complied with). This amount will be applied to your finance contract to satisfy your final balloon payment obligation.

The information provided is general in nature. You should seek your own financial advice to determine whether Lexus Connect is appropriate for your individual circumstances.

*Lending criteria terms and conditions apply. Finance is provided by way of a Hire Purchase agreement at participating Lexus Dealers only. To qualify for this Finance Offer; a minimum deposit of 7% applies and a maximum term of 37 months. The credit provider is Bank of Ireland Finance which is a registered trading name of Bank of Ireland.


Get a finance quote for your Lexus using our online calculator. Work out a payment that suits you best.

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